Sex Crimes Are Serious Crimes

When referring to sex crimes, You’ll find that every state has a list of offenses that can be considered to be of a sexual nature. Committing one of these crimes in Texas can have some of the most serious consequences if convicted, and because of this the accused should take it very seriously and look for legal representation.

Some Types of Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a sex crime that refers to unwanted and offensive touching of a sexual nature. Different names for these crimes, which are defined by each specific state, may include attempted rape, sexual groping, and sexual battery. In Texas, the lack of consent is the key to filing sex assault charges.


It is considered to be the sex crime of prostitution if someone engages in or offers a sexual act in exchange for payment of some kind. These types of sex crime charges can be brought up against not only the person offering to provide the illegal service, but also against the paying customer as well.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure refers to the act of displaying one’s private parts in a public place with the intent to offend or cause alarm to another person. This sex crime is often committed by an offender for the purpose of sexual gratification. In some cases it can be circumstantial without intent to harm someone.

Being Accused of a sex-related crime

Because those found guilty of a sex crime must register as a sexual offender for the rest of their life, it is important to make sure the facts are accurate. Texas prosecutors know that many accusations of sex crimes are false, made by a spiteful spouse or rebellious teens in an attempt to hurt someone’s reputation but fail to drop the charges. San Antonio criminal defense lawyer with experience in fighting against false or inaccurate sex crime charges are known to expose this fact and win cases for their clients.