Primises Liability

When it comes to public safety every property owner knows that they must maintain their facilities and grounds in a manner that’s completely safe for public use. The local sports arena, bowling alley, fairgrounds, and the mall are usually privately owned and required to make sure the public will be safe. But what about government owned property? Who is responsible to make sure those areas are safe? And, is the government liable for accidents on government owned property?

Maintaining Government Property

Government Owned

The term ‘government property’ is mostly associated with something big and popular like Yosemite or the Capitol, but the phrase can also be used to describe places like the post office or the courthouse. Other properties that qualify as government-owned are city streets, public parks, schools, libraries, DMV, public swimming pool, and more. Also, government-owned vehicles are property that must be operated in a safe manner.

Inside Buildings

Maintaining government property is more than just mopping up puddles on the floor. Insuring public safety also means making sure exit doors are working, fire extinguishers are fully charged and strategically placed, and the fire alarms work. Other things include adequate security, proper air circulation, and an emergency plan. In food preparation areas, county health department guidelines must be strictly adhered to.

On The Outside

Public safety also includes outdoor areas. Swimming pools should be properly maintained with safe levels of pool chemicals. A lifeguard should always be on duty when swimmers are present. Parking lots and streets should be inspected for pot holes or raised asphalt. One injury lawyer in El Paso got millions of dollars for his client who was severely injured from a pot hole on a bike path maintained by the city.

Government Responsibility

The article above barely touches on what is necessary to maintain public safety on government owned properties. Government entities must take responsibility for injuries sustained by the public, especially when neglect of maintenance and repairs are evident. The public should always be aware of their surroundings and avoid hazards whenever possible. It’s a good idea to report hazards to property managers or security.